Daily Systems iAPS iPhone/iPod Sled Introducing iAPS Patented design, hi-speed print head, world class scan engine, and uncommon craftsmanship sets the world's first all-in-one mobile solution apart from the rest.
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Scan Use the integrated 1D or 2D scanner to track inventory, admit ticket holders, and quickly serve customers with the worlds best scan engine.
Symbol Scan Engine 1D/2D Options Inventory Ticketing
Print Time is money. Save time with the ultrafast printer built right into iAPS.
Inkless Printer Fast printing Ticketing
Accept Securely accept payments literally anywhere you need to with the worlds top encryption standards.
Smart Card Reader MSR Security
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Lowest Transaction Rates Save money with rates starting as low 1.95% Learn More
Safe and Secure Process You and your customer will share confidence with every card swipe. Learn More
Abundant Choices Choose from a long list of apps to ensure a perfect fit for your personal ecosystem. Learn More
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